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Health and wellbeing holidays at the top of travel trends

According to Mintel’s recent report titled The Wellness Traveller, critical levels of stress are running rampant through society, with 52% of adults reporting that they feel anxious or stressed at least 1-2 times per week

As a result, people are looking to their holiday’s as a way to de-stress and improve their wellbeing.

Reportedly, 46% of travellers opted for a wellness holiday to improve their emotional or mental wellbeing, which is the highest ranked reason for travel.

With this in mind, wellness experts recommend breaking the daily grind, to revitalise the body, mind and spirit through a combination of relaxing and healing spa treatments, nourishing foods and supporting emotional therapies.

Another wellness practice known to help, is taking a digital detox to reconnect with nature. In recent years, people have realised the adverse effects of excessive technology use, with 41% of UK adults feeling as though they have spent too much time online (survey conducted in January by Mintel.)

Prior to Covid-19, those aged 16-34 were amongst the most likely to take a holiday specifically to improve health or wellness, and reports have shown that the virus has provided a further boost in the interest of holidays with health and wellness elements. With young travellers more invested in health and wellbeing, purchasing a holiday home in Europe’s top wellness destination for a family friendly wellness escape, could provide the answer for those looking to decompress.

The Residences at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos, provides the perfect base for a wellness-inspired holiday home. The town of Davos boasts clean water, pure mountain air and unspoiled landscapes to give travellers the opportunity to be at one with nature. The link between exposure to the natural environment and mental wellbeing is well understood, and having a holiday home in situated within mountain folds, a fantastic way to support long term wellbeing through access to the outdoors.

Further to this is the carefully curated treatments available at the RockSpa®, designed to revive and rejuvenate.

For more information on treatments available through the Hard Rock Hotel, read here: https://www.hardrockhotels.com/davos/rock-spa.aspx