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Although the Covid-19 pandemic put economies on hold in 2020, the real estate market resumed smoothly, and continued to prosper. The pandemic also unearthed accelerated trends, changes in demand and newly desired outcomes from buyers, which makes looking into 2021 an interested landscape for the real estate sector.

In a joint survey by PwC and the Urban Land Institute, now in its 18th edition, we look at a report, which explores the factors, which will come to the fore in the European property sector in 2021. 

Rise in domestic investors:

Physical limitations of the pandemic, have had an impact in investor expectations. However, there is a strong likelihood that this will convert into the rise of the domestic European investor, who will play a much greater role in Europe in 2021, where they are able to safely get ‘boots on the ground’. Residences at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos has an enviable location in the breathtaking Swiss Alps with amazing views and a range of activities available throughout the year. The complex of fully furnished apartments gives access to bespoke Hard Rock Hotel services. The Residences at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos are a unique property investment in health and wealth, to be enjoyed by you and yours without the restriction of foreign ownership. 

Investors access to funding:

Real estate lenders across Europe are seen as being in a significantly better position during the pandemic, than they were during and after the Global Financial Crisis. They are generally much better capitalised, so, thankfully in 2021 trends expect little distress in the access for investors to funding in order to complete an investment in property. The Residences at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos work with Raiffeisenbank as a preferred supplier, with financing terms dependant on each individual case. The team can send you the contact details of the dedicated financier to advise prospective investors. 

Location matters:

The circumstances of recent health crisis have shown that the future could mean investors favour smaller cities, which are well connected as a good location for a property investment. The key here being transport connectivity, which was overwhelmingly the most important factor for respondents surveyed in this report. From more flexible working to swapping inner-city living for larger and cheaper space, investors will seek a well-connected, medium-sized cities. This means for example if your employer and family home is based in Zurich, an investor could choose to have a property at the Residences at the Hard Rock Hotel in Davos, a beautiful town within a two-hour drive to enjoy for some weeks in the year.