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In 2020, one of the biggest global changes was how and where people worked. As lockdowns were imposed across the world, policy makers urged people to work from home. As a result, homeworking skyrocketed.

Across Europe as a whole 37% of the working population reported working at home in April 2020 because of the pandemic, with homeworking rates close to 60% in Finland and above 50% in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. 

Many large employers also made home working mandatory, closing offices across the world. This include Google, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and JP Morgan to name a few. Issues that arose were that collective open plan offices were typically designed for workers to share space and equipment, and the recent health crisis turned this on its head. Medical advice stated that ‘workstations should be assigned to individuals and not shared’ posing challenges for employers to adapt working environments. However, as cities have emerged from strict lockdown restrictions, the trend in working from home is no longer a temporary measure. Many employers across Europe have switched to flexible working policies, allowing remote working as a forward-looking measure. This means that the return to the changed office will be muted, with remote locations becoming the main workplace for many previously office-bound workers.

The shift to more home working has given rise to the desire to work from different locations, with many considering second homes to provide seasonal respite whilst working remotely. Branded residences are a fitting option when looking for a second home to visit sporadically, to offer a break in routine from the everyday working environment. 

The Residences at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos have been carefully crafted to a contemporary design finish, which makes working from home a complete joy. The floor-to-ceiling windows creates beautiful light-filled living spaces and working spaces, vital for wellness. Numerous studies have shown that natural light in working spaces improves mental wellbeing and productivity. The hardwood floors in the Residences create a homely yet modern feel, reminiscent of alpine grace. 

These open plan apartments respond to the demands of a modern home life, giving a greater sense of open space. The design results in something new and familiar at the same time, designed for form, function and splendour. Externally, balconies and terraces are finished with a glazed balustrade and hardwearing decking, with some of the most envious views. This provides a break-out space during the working day, allowing you to be surrounded by nature, amidst the serenity of mountains. 

One, two and three bedroom apartments are available to purchase, ranging from 60m² to 128m². Each apartment has been expertly planned and designed, fitted with high quality interiors. To see more about the Residences available, please visit our 3D apartment tours.