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The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has granted a new site in Switzerland to its ‘Green List’ of Protected and Conserved Areas, which is the global standard recognising the best managed sites on the planet.

The Swiss National Park is the country’s first Green List site. Based in the canton of Grisons and established in 1914, the park is protected and maintained as a nature reserve. Covering 170km2 of forests, subalpine and alpine meadows, rock and scree, this park is home to some of the nations most threatened species. Living within the borders of the park are the golden eagle and the beautifully graceful bearded vulture – two birds fighting extinction. 

The Swiss National Park’s highly regarded admission to the IUCN Green List represents the effective management and conservation of biodiversity, which is strongly supported throughout Switzerland. The IUCN’s Green List is one of the most important international certifications of governance when it comes to protecting nature and preserving biodiversity, and the Swiss National Park’s acknowledgement on this list plays a crucial part in the wider green agenda. 

Switzerland’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development drives the country’s commitment for national and international engagement of environmentally friendly policies. The 2030 Agenda is being implemented at all levels, including federal, cantonal and communal levels, taking into account current obligations, competencies and an established division of tasks. Many cantons and communes have defined their own strategies for sustainable development, however federal government will look to intensify the dialogue with the cantons and communes and support them in implementing the 2030 Agenda.

Switzerland is no stranger to sustainability, in 2016, Zurich was named the top sustainable city in the world according to the Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index. The city was commended for its dedication to improving the environment with specific reference to the cities’ plan to become a 2000-watt society – an amount considered globally to be sustainable energy use for a city.

Switzerland is also one of the world leaders in recycling and waste management. The country successfully separates and recycles organic and recyclable waste whilst converting the rest to energy, setting a powerful example globally. 

With all these advances in ‘green’-friendly policies, Switzerland is truly one of the global leaders in battling the climate crisis, which will make time at The Residences at the Hard Rock Hotel in Davos a serene dream.