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Davos is a year round destination, but for those that particularly enjoy summer activities and adventure, there is still time to capitalise on the Swiss sun. The best months to visit Davos for the summer weather are through June to September. In these months, temperatures will be at an enjoyable feeling, with hardly any precipitation.

For those that have not been before, be prepared as Davos is an outdoor paradise in summer and has plenty of fun activities to offer. Whether it is hiking, strolling around town, mountain biking, trail running, paragliding, wakeboarding or swimming, it can all be done right in Davos. 

When in Davos, one of the most popular adventure activities is paragliding. Guests will often see colourful figures in the blue skies, representing the paragliders. Whether you are a professional or looking for a tandem flight, there are six paraglider providers in Davos, plenty to choose from. For those hoping for something a little more relaxed, perhaps a stroll along the Davos Promenade, a walkway overlooking Davos, offering some lovely town views. The walkway is accessible to everyone, even with strollers or wheelchairs. Although cyclists are not allowed on this walkway to avoid congestion and accidents for pedestrians. This gentle walk alongside this hillside path sits high above town, giving you unique views of Davos.

If it is views you seek, then perhaps try exploring the mountain of Jakobshorn. Upon reaching the summit of the Jakobshorn by cable car, you will be at an altitude of 2,560 meters. From here, you will be surrounded by breath-taking mountain views, overlooking one 3000-meter snow-capped peak after another. From the top of the Jakobshorn, there are plenty of hiking trails to choose from, all which offer spectacular views. Jakobshorn is also one of the summits from where providers offer paragliding flights. One unique option whilst hiking through Jakobshorn is to hike towards the Stadler See. This mountain lake is located at 2519 meters above sea level and can be reached in about 30 minutes from the mountain station at the Jakobshorn. 

Those travelling with families may be interested in visiting Madrisa Land, the biggest theme park in Switzerland, located around 1900 meters above sea level. It is the first adventure park in the Swiss Alps designed with accessibility standards, making it enjoyable and inclusive for all. 

Keen horticulturalists and botanists will relish the opportunity to wander through the alpine botanical garden, which can be found on Schatzalp – a short walk away from The Hard Rock Hotel. The botanical garden holds over 800 species of plant and really adds to the serenity of Davos. 

It is fair to say summers in Davos provide a truly eclectic mix of activities. For those wishing to push their adrenal glands into overdrive, mountain biking and white-water rafting should certainly do the job. For those hoping to wash away the stresses of day-to-day life, the cool mountain air, long walks and warm weather will certainly hit one’s reset button. Whatever you are after, Davos truly has everything to offer.